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This course is designed for tutors new to Simply Maths Tutoring. It focuses on the necessary admin procedures, but also helps new tutors to develop and grow their skills as educators. It is a constantly evolving space, so please make sure to suggest or request any information that you think would be useful for you or other tutors!

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Christian Paul
Christian Paul

Christian has been teaching Maths as a private tutor for over five years. In that time, he has worked with over 700 students through private tutoring, online tutoring, courses, and resources.

As a passionate Maths enthusiast with a flair for teaching, Christian began tutoring privately in 2013 and in the coming years worked with over 100 students in a one-on-one setting before choosing to take his education career online. Since creating his first comprehensive video course "Making Sense Of Methods", Christian has been able to distribute his learning, videos, resources and help to over 500 new students in Australia alone.

Christian has a natural talent for being able to combine personal interaction with an education style that works for everyone. By combining online tools such as video, audio, written aids, online support and more, he creates a comprehensive teaching style that can be given anywhere in the world.

Christian's unique style shines through in every resource he creates - a style that not only educates, but also brings out a student's confidence and skill set in everything Maths.

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